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We cover the most essential data structures & algorithms for interviews through 30+ videos with stunning motion graphics and no filler. Here you’ll learn 5x faster and retain 5x better.

Data Structures & Algorithms, Animated.

When concepts are difficult, a clear explanation is a must.

We've spent hours animating every frame so you can see problems come to life.

Studies show that high quality audio + visual improves retention from 10% to 65%.

Time & Space Complexity Analysis

The Big O efficiency is a measure of how good a solution is.

We'll not only tell you what the efficiency is, but break it down line by line.

Code with a Software Pro

Hey there. I'm Aaron, a self-taught software engineer.

I've got 3+ years of experience writing both JavaScript and Python in a professional environment.

For most of my career, I worked at a top tech company: Uber in San Francisco.

Best Editing, Audio, Video

We're not here to waste your time. These videos are fully scripted with every word of filler cut out.

Sound and video equipment is all of the absolute highest quality making videos pleasant to listen to, and watch.

12+ Problem Categories

✅ Arrays

✅ Strings

✅ Linked Lists

✅ Hash Tables

✅ Stacks

✅ Queues

✅ Searching

✅ Sorting

✅ Binary Trees

✅ Binary Search Trees

✅ Recursion

✅ Dynamic Programming


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An overview of the Binary Tree Data Structure


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All testimonials are real however this program does not guarantee a specific result and is highly dependent on you as an individual.

You will not only need to execute on what’s here in the program but do your own research based on the specific places you are interviewing (this goes for all programming interview prep courses)

Please use Interview Espresso as a tool to bring you to your employment goals, rather than a magic pill, and hope you enjoy it :)


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